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Shit... undo, UNDO!


hey here’s a reminder

you’ve made it this far when it comes to art, you’ve improved so much compared to where you started, and you’ve got it in you to make it a whole lot further

don’t let your nagging self hatred get to you, just keep drawing, keep working.  you’re gonna be fine!

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Captivating photographs by Xin Li

Photographer based in Norway, Xin Li, the top of its 18 years, creates images with a surprising emotional depth.
When she draws a portrait of a young woman or just a big of an object plane, the photographer evokes a sense of serenity and dark, adding a plot element to the image. There is a story in every shot that leaves the viewer eager to learn more. A promising young photographer who handles well the visual narrative, emotion and sometimes surreal shades scenes.

(Source: asylum-art)


Shimura tatsumi (1907-1980) 

is known for designing several striking bijin-ga prints towards the end of the shin hanga movement. Born in Takasaki, Gunma, Shimura’s real name was Sentaro. Shimura devoted his career entirely to Nihonga, or Japanese style painting.


Alphonse Mucha, “Dusk” and “Dawn” 1899



It seems to be a mix between SAI and photoshop, simplified. It even has a stabalizer that works even with the mouse.

Best of all, it’s free, and works for both Mac and Windows.

To give it a try, head right on down to

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