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Shit... undo, UNDO!

/cries OMG, I remember now why I was always afraid of colouring. ;3; I like most of eet, but the background… OTL;;; I seriously need to start thinking of it earlier.

ANYWAY! Here is Tsukuyo! For both FuckyeahGintaladies and my personal Gintama Conquest! Next up will be Sacchan. I already have her sketched out. 8D

Also, hello new follower. C:

FFFFFF, I am so happy, despite the complete and utter crap that this animation is. 8D;; I didn’t know I could do animations in my Photoshop but I just saved it wrong. OTL;;; This is one of my newest OC’s Mër, she’s a Monochromatic Demon. C:

Fanart of PSWG! :D I drew and coloured this traditionally and changed/adjusted a few things with SAI.

Rennybby’s birthday today and I hope she has/had a wonderful day full of rainbows and unicorns. <333 This is a little giftie for her of one of her lovely characters. Cx

I really like the song Matryoshka and wanted to draw my deviant ID in that style and this is the result! :3